What is it?
ONTRACKEQUINE is a documentation software that has been developed specifically for the equine industry. It is like no other software presently on the market. More detailed information about all the ONTRACKEQUINE functions can be found in the help file which can be downloaded from here.

ONTRACKEQUINE is PC based software and will run on most computers running Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Who is it aimed at?
Literally anyone who is interested in horse movement, for clinical, performance or merely recreational purposes. It not designed to be a research tool but more so a working tool for the veterinary/farriery practice and equine school/college. It lends itself to producing detailed analysis and observational reports, for applications such as a pre-purchase, lameness exam or riding lessons, from both movie and picture files.

Is ONTRACKEQUINE easy to use?
We think so. It does not look like other typical analysis software! It has clear colourful menu panels, easier to view buttons and no drop down menus hiding the interface. It has been developed by an equine consultant and a video analysis specialist with the target end users (veterinarians, farriers, owners and riders) in mind. The Project panel is a major feature of ONTRACKEQUINE. It provides a simple way of organizing your video and images files so that they are easier to recall. All files are stored under the system of LOCATION: CLIENT: HORSE: SESSION. A thumbnail panel allows users to see exactly what files are part of a project at all times and these can quickly loaded into the main viewing window for analysis.

Click here to see a full size screen grab (200K) of the ONTRACK interface taken from 1920x1200 pixel resolution screen.

What can it do?
ONTRACKEQUINE can capture, playback and trim movies taken with your digital camcorder. You can then add lines, circles, squares and measure distances, angles and speed. It has equine specific tools such as multi-joint angle tool, T-square, hoof balance tool and a hoof profile tool. It has an integrated database and forms for adding your comments and observations about the movies and pictures imported into the program. From these forms, it can print client ready reports.

Anything else?

Yes, you can import, view, and analyze digital still pictures (x rays, bone scans, thermographs) as well as movies. These can be included in the printed reports. You can also overlay.

From this...
To this!

Tell me more about the database?
It allows the user to enter information and a picture regards where the horse is kept/stabled, who owns the horse, all the horse details (breed, age, sex, markings etc) and the purpose of the current filming/analysis session. All movies and pictures are then stored under these headings.

...and the forms?
There is a separate form for entering information regard the location, client, horse and the session to the ONTRACKEQUINE database. Click here to see the four forms (shown actual size and grouped together - 286K). Note: all the information shown is entirely fictional.

Some of this information is then transferred to the thumbnail/report form where the user can start to add their comments about what they have observed and grab relevent pictures from the main viewing window. When this form is printed, it includes information entered in the user details section such as your professional profile, contact details, company logo and disclaimer.

Click here to see a report form in full size.
Click here to see a printed report form (sample text only) (PDF format) - 344K

The key benefits

Arrange all your existing videos and digital pictures into a workable and logical system.
No need to search different drives/folders in order to locate your files.
Everything is stored under: LOCATION: CLIENT: HORSE: SESSION.

Collate all media files (videos, digital still images, x rays, thermographs) that are relevant to a particular exam/treatment/procedure.

Monitor changes/progress/treatments by documenting and comparing pre and post examinations. Print off your findings in a report together with cover sheet.

View movements more effectively by using the ZOOM feature and/or the SPEED bar to slow the video down. You can also take still images from the video.

Perform measurements on digital stills, as well as movies, using the easy to use/edit measurement tools.

Examine conformation, hoof profiles, and alignment, using the equine specific tools.

Precise transmission of information/findings worldwide via the internet for clients, research, or discussions.

Provide realistic straightforward prescriptions to other equine professionals such as veterinarians, farriers and trainers.

Generate consulting opportunities for increased income or exposure via the internet:
Pre-Purchase, Lameness, Education, and Research

Improve your client relationship by providing them with your findings and relevant videos and images using the DATA EXPORT feature and/or with a printed report.

Not be limited to one computer. ONTRACKEQUINE can be installed on any number of computers. A single dongle is required to run the software.

Knowing you have made a sound investment with no maintenance charges and all updates to your version are free.

What equipment do I need?
You will need a laptop or desktop computer together with video camera. See the equipment page for more info.

Can I test the software?
Of course, simply download the fully functional Trial version here.

What about purchasing multi-licenses?
Excellent discounts are available for buying additional licenses for your practice/clinic/college. Contact the agent in your territory.

After I have bought ONTRACKEQUINE how do keep it updated?
The latest version on ONTRACK will be available for downloading at all times via the ONTRACKEQUINE website.

Do I have to pay for the updates?

No, all updates are free for your version of ONTRACKEQUINE! You can check for updates when you load any version of the software.

Is there a yearly maintenance charge for technical support?
No, you will receive FREE technical support via the main email address - info@ontrackequine.com.